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Meaning new beginnings or new pathways, Ara Hou is driven by its unique purpose to create social and economic value through whai wāhitanga whakapakari (upskilling opportunities) and its core components: education, training, and employment.

With a mission to huri i nga oranga (transform the lives) of today’s generation and the ones to come, Ara Hou aims to address social issues and create sustainable and equitable opportunities for all.

Our Courses

At Ara Hou, we believe in the power of education to equip and start a positive ripple effect–first, in the lives of our students and second, in the communities they belong to.

Our courses which include vocational training, job-specific training, and personal development programmes aimed at enhancing soft skills such as te whakawhitiwhiti korero, te mahi tahi, me te kaiarahi (communication, teamwork, and leadership) provide our students with the necessary skills and knowledge to thrive in the workforce and secure financial independence.

We made these courses accessible to break down barriers and open up more opportunities for those with the most dedication and passion to build their future now.


A crucial and sought after skill across a broad range of industries.

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Asbestos Removal

Skilled and safe removal of asbestos and great career prospects in hazardous waste removal.

Commercial Cleaning

A lucrative and rewarding business with flexible hours, all you need to create a regular income.

Find out more information about course start dates, costs, and availability.

Some courses are free* or subsidised with government training grants

Some courses may be free* or subsidised by government training grants. Inquire to check eligibility.

*Terms and conditions apply.

We’re proud to provide new pathways for individual learning and self sufficiency

The most important journey is the path you take today

Ara Hou provides education, vocational training, and job placement services to individuals who need a fresh start or re-training. Through our courses we teach students valuable industry-ready skills in the construction, commercial and trade sector. They develop life skills training, including financial literacy and communication skills, to help them succeed in their personal and professional lives.

Industry pathways

Through our commercial networks we provide many students with job placements or the opportunity to start their own enterprises.
By empowering individuals with the tools and resources they need to become self-sufficient, Ara Hou is making a positive impact on our communities, reducing unemployment, and providing a pathway to a brighter future for all our students.

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